Craftsbury Race

On February 3rd, 14 skiers drove up to Craftsbury, VT. While we arrived late a night, the Kitchen crew had warm food waiting for us. We stayed in hand-built cabins right on the ski trails! On Saturday morning we got up and explored the ski trails. This was the first time on a real snow for many of skiers, up until now we have been skiing at Weston Ski Track on man-made snow. On Saturday we had a first race of the season: 7.5km classic race. All 14 of the skiers competed in this race, with one of our skiers coming in the top 10. On Saturday night, the team headed to Sterling College for a pasta dinner, it was a great chance to meet other skiers from other teams. On Sunday morning there was a 3 x 2.5km skate relay. Wellesley fielded 4 teams in the event. Congrats to all the skiers who competed at the Craftsbury Race. For more pictures please visit our gallery page.



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